The world’s first and only break-in proof certified vault shipping container featuring all-around entry security


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From storage units to transport logistics, we’re not just securing the present;
 we’re innovating the future
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A solution for the entire supply chain

A 360˚ patented protection of entry

your valuables are protected from all angles
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Patented Protection System Sets a New Standard in Security

Mobile Strongroom has fully reinforced protection at every elevation of the unit including the doors. This reinforcement comes without a significant increase in weight, 4,900 kg / 10,802 lbs (20ft.) nor a significant reduction in storage space, due to our patented internal container structure. With its low weight, the Mobile Strongroom offers a high load capacity. 

Mobile Strongroom is designed as a container storage vault for ocean, road, and rail freight.

It undergoes testing by the independent state-owned research institute RI.SE and is certified according to EN 1143-1, Scheme 5 (ISO/IEC 17067:2013). It is approved for the storage of cash, explosives, and weapons

Innovative Smart Vault Technology

Our smart vault comes equipped with an advanced real-time monitoring system and can be fitted with sensors that provide detection and early warnings for various types of data, including location, temperature, humidity, fumes, air quality, flame, and movement. The twin vault doors are also integrated with advanced locking technology to monitor access. Assets can be detected and logged when they are retrieved or returned

Mobile Strongroom offers advanced features 

  • Keyless entry
  • Self-locking
  • Identifying & programmable vault-lock system
  • Internal power outlet
  • Lighting
  • Radiator
  • Card reader
  • Third-party mobile access integration
  • GPS tracking & alarm options
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Mobile Strongroom is the only low-weight, theft-proof, high-security mobile container storage in the world. This guarantees our customers the peace of mind to easily and safely transport and store valuable assets

Increase productivity

Without the impact of theft, Mobile Strongroom allows you to circumvent the cost and time incurred from stolen items and project delays, which invariable leads to increased productivity and efficiency

Lower costs

With Mobile Strongroom, less time will be wasted on redundant or non-productive tasks associated with theft and logistic inefficiencies, which allows you to better budget for your projects and lower total production cost

Reduce climate impact

Mobile Strongroom reduces the inefficiencies in logistics flows, which leads to decreased energy and fuel consumption, which in turn decreases the environmental impact

About Us

Welcome to Mobile Strongroom, where innovation meets security in transportation and storage. In 2019, we launched an initiative to design and deliver certified, safe shipping containers, marking the start of our journey to redefine safety and reliability in logistics.

As the sole global supplier of vault-class intermodal containers, we set new benchmarks, exceeding conventional standards for transporting high-value goods and hazardous materials. We pride ourselves on being the preferred partner for those prioritizing security in asset transportation.

What distinguishes us is not just our products but our role as a partner in our users’ quest for safe and efficient logistics. We focus on protecting assets, ensuring peace of mind, and instilling confidence in every journey.

As industry leaders, we push boundaries and collaborate to stay at the forefront of innovation. Our dedicated professionals are driven by a vision—to create a world where the security of transported and stored assets is never compromised.




Our mission at Mobile Strongroom is making the global transport, mobile storage and logistic industry secure, more efficient and more sustainable. 

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