A new era for safety

begins with Mobile Strongroom

Mobile Strongroom is approved for storage of
cash, valuables, explosives and weapons

A 360˚ patented shield of safety

your valuables are protected from all angles

A solution for the entire supply chain

Certified for anti-burglary protection
Safely store and transport your valuable assets

Standardized for ocean, road and rail freight
Low weight, adapt for domestic & international transportation

Self locking door
Double doors for easy storing and handling operations
coupled with self-locking system for controlled access

Preinstalled socket outlet for 380/220 voltage, lights and

Fully customizable solution
Optimizable for a wide variety of storage & cargo
requirements. Dehumidification system, climate control,
shelves, server racks, card reader and real time tracking

Anti -theft

Secure anti-theft solutions for our customers to conveniently transport and safely store valuable assets

Increase productivity

Theft has a huge negative cost impact for companies. But its more than just the cost of goods, equipment or materials that’s been stolen. The stolen items need to be replaced, which has a time impact on your project, resulting in lost productivity or even delays

Lower costs

Less time spent on redundant or non -productive tasks enables focus on core competence and helps to lower total production costs

Reduce climate impact

By centralizing logistics flows, fewer transports go to the project site. Along with reduced energy & fuel consumption which in turn decreases the environmental impact

The product

Mobile Strongroom is certified in accordance with EN 1143-1 grade 3.
Approved for storage of cash, valuables, explosives and weapons.

In addition to offering maximum security, Mobile Strongroom is functionally portable and
standardized for ocean, road, and rail freight. It is designed to be low weight for practical
transportation both domestically and internationally.

Available in all container sizes, standard height and/or high cube configuration to 
accommodate any project. Each strongroom can be configured with the addition of
single access doors to make construction deliveries smarter.

Mobile Strongroom is environmental consciously designed with recyclable materials and
is dependably durable with a long lifespan. In the course of time all parts may be
repurposed for other uses after it retires.

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