The world’s most secure shipping container

A 360˚ protection of entry – your valuables are protected from all angles

Mobile Strongroom has fully reinforced protection at every elevation of the unit including the doors. This reinforcement comes without a significant increase in weight or space. 

Mobile Strongroom is designed as a container storage vault for ocean, road, and rail freight.

Certified according to EN 1143-1, Scheme 5 (ISO/IEC 17067:2013). It is approved for the storage of cash, explosives, weapons and explosives.



Keyless entry

GPS tracking & alarm options

Identifying & programmable vault-lock system



Skanska Stops Theft with
Mobile Strongroom

Skanska is building a new school and the site has been hit several times from the standards containers by organized crime groups.

Since the arrival of Mobile Strongroom, there has been no theft. 

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Explore the Features and Functionality of the World’s Most Secure Shipping Container

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Recognized Excellence: Mobile Strongroom as a Finalist at the Security Awards

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Advanced Features, Applicable to a Variety of Industries

Keyless entry
Identifying & programmable-
vault-lock system
Tracking terminal

Internal power outlet
Climate Control
Card reader
Third-party mobile access 
GPS tracking & alarm options

Logistics and Transportation
Event Management 
Government and Public Services

Global Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring for High-Value Goods.

Access your data in some of the world’s most remote areas with global satellite communications and cellular network coverage.

Mobile Strongroom comes equipped with an advanced real-time intelligence tracking terminal.

Set geo fences, receive instant alerts, and seamlessly integrate extra sensors for tailored monitoring. It even features on-demand connectivity for temperature, gas, air quality, movement and humidity monitoring for sensitive high value goods.


Mobile Strongroom is break-in proof, certified to the highest safety standards, and reliable for protecting your valuables. With real-time tracking and proactive alarms, a high level of security is guaranteed.


Mobile Strongroom offers keyless access, is user-friendly, and locks the door automatically upon closing. Automated real-time information processes make handling simple and efficient, saving time and reducing stress.


Mobile Strongroom is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and has a long lifespan. By reducing the need for transport and optimizing logistics, we contribute to lower carbon emissions and a greener future.

Lower costs

Mobile Strongroom is cost-effective, eliminating costs for lost property and reducing losses due to theft, resulting in fewer transports. More efficient transports save resources, and by reducing the need for physical security devices, you save both time and money.

A solution for the entire supply chain

About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Mobile Strongroom, where innovation meets security in transportation and storage. We are a niche player in a significant and growing market, offering the world’s only brake-in-proof container. Our product is designed to cater to the needs of diverse customer segments.

In 2019, in response to the escalating multi-billion-dollar problem of theft from containers, we launched our initiative to design and deliver certified, secure shipping containers. This marked the beginning of our journey to redefine safety and reliability in logistics.

As the sole global supplier of vault-class intermodal containers, we set new benchmarks, surpassing conventional standards for transporting high-value goods and hazardous materials. We are proud to be the preferred partner for those who prioritize security in asset transportation.

What sets us apart is not just our products, but our commitment to partnering in our users’ pursuit of safe and efficient logistics. We are dedicated to safeguarding assets, providing peace of mind, and instilling confidence in every journey.

Pioneers in Sustainable Supply Chain
Solutions and Global CO2 Reduction

At Mobile Strongroom, we are dedicated to sustainable growth for all our stakeholders. We strive to offer more sustainable and efficient solutions through new technology and innovative methods.

Sustainable Transport Solutions
By offering solutions to reduce theft, we decrease the need for replacement transports, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Using real-time data and predictive analysis, we ensure that our transport solutions are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Last Mile Delivery and Pickup Services
Mobile Strongroom can be utilized for last-mile delivery and pickup services, significantly reducing the need for physical transport and thereby lowering carbon emissions. Strategically placing Mobile Strongrooms maximizes accessibility and reduces overall transport distances, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient delivery system.

At Mobile Strongroom, we are proud to contribute to a more sustainable future.


Our mission at Mobile Strongroom is to make the global transport, mobile storage,
and logistics industry more secure, efficient, and green

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